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Sales and product are not disconnected anymore.

Product needs Sales to understand which features might have the largest impact. A better product always leads to more sales.

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Feature Monkey is the missing link between sales and product.

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Better Sales tracking for making smarter gains

Make your customers feel important by knowing what they had asked for.

  1. Look closely into each account by taking a close look into what they had voted for
  2. Your prospects can give insights that can make build a better product
  3. Not all customers are the same, and help product understand which customers are asking for which features

Product updates are no longer lost

Every new feature is an opportunity to make better sales. Don’t loose track of them.

  1. The roadmap can help you see the timeline of features your customers requested for
  2. You can just relax and no longer chase the stakeholders on updates of certain features

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Free 14 day free trial. No credit card required