Track employee feedback to build a better culture

When done right, feedback can greatly improve engagement and productivity and boost team spirit.

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employee feedback

Feature Monkey enables companies to build better culture inside the office.

Keep track of who wishes for what

Personalization is important in a great company culture. Knowing what your employees has asked for helps build a more personal relationship.

  1. See which of your employees are wishing for what in your office and make the communication more open and clear.
  2. Millions of dollars are lost every day in organizations simply because of poor listening.
  3. Employees value a listening culture higher than compensation.

Improve asynchronous communication

It’s easy for new requests to go unnoticed.

  1. Build a more open and transparent company culture.
  2. Stop chasing office managers to get updates on specific requests in the office and in remote work.

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better way to build a culture
Companies that have the right culture are the best in the world.
Free 14 day free trial. No credit card required