Feature Monkey

Everything you need to complete the customer feedback loop

Feedback loop

Custom Domain

Use your own domain

Board Privacy

Collect public and private feedback

Notify Users

Notify users via email when the features got implemented

Identify Users via SSO Login

Automatically tie feedback to your existing user accounts


Feature monkey roadmap

Assign Team Members

Let your team know what they are working on


Use topics to have a better overview

Vote on behalf

Dont miss out on any feedback

Feature monkey dashboard view

Add Teamates

Let everyone in your team stay informed

Custom Topics

Sort feedback into topics for better overview

Internal Comments

Decide on feedback at a single place

Import and Export existing Data

Import data from spreadsheets

Multi Language Support

Allow feedback from around the world

Customise as your brand taste

Make Feature Monkey feel a part of your website

Choose a
better way to make products.

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